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Compliance & PPACA Support

Our value-add for support of PPACA compliance

There are over six million businesses in the U.S. trying to understand the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA).  These employers are looking to their trusted advisors (benefit brokers & CPAs) and support services (payroll providers) for assistance in understanding what strategies to pursue in order to minimize health care reform’s impact on them and their employees. 

The delay in the employer mandate is not a reprieve, but rather an opportunity to plan ahead.   Employers and their trusted advisors should take this extra time to implement strategic changes that can minimize not only the financial impact of health care reform, but also the organizational impact caused by the changes themselves.

In support of this BenefitMall’s Compliance Suite includes support and services that our partners and clients can utilize to effectively identify strategies that meet their needs.  This includes:

  • Dedicated help desk to assist in answering client and partner questions around PPACA.
  • allCompliance, the compliance tool that enables users to manage the ACA head-on and defeat complexity.
  • ACA Hotline, seamless support for your Affordable Care Act (ACA) questions. Contact the hotline to accelerate general compliance laws, information on forms, understand best practices and improve inefficiencies.
  • Healthcare Exchange® is an online community powered by BenefitMall® focused on educating and supporting our partners and small businesses on health care reform. Follow legislative alerts to stay up to date with major decisions and changes in the current health laws.


Compliance Computer

BenefitMall’s allCompliance™ is the industry’s first centric self-guided ACA educational reporting tool, specifically designed for the small to medium-sized business. Inviting and simple to use, allCompliance takes you through decision support, ACA reporting, and more.

ACA Hotline

aca hotline

BenefitMall ACA Hotline will support your compliance journey every step of the way from affordability, reporting and beyond.