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Outsourcing payroll is good for business

The need to streamline business practices has never been greater – and that’s where BenefitMall’s payroll services come in. From calculating taxes to keeping up with regulations and navigating state and local jurisdictions, we handle all the details.

  • We guarantee accuracy and have a 98% accuracy track record. We’ll pay any tax penalties for inaccurate or late tax remittances and filings as long as the data provided is on time, complete and accurate and your accounts are properly funded.
  • We offer a suite of additional products and services such as Section125 plans, flex plans, 401(k) plans, COBRA, timekeeping, expense management and more.
  • We ensure all payroll data remains completely confidential and accessible only by authorized users. We use password protection, data encryption, firewalls and automatic input confirmation to keep information secure.

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We make the process of paying your employees more efficient.

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