Insurance Services
BenefitMall's insurance services have an array of options available to your clients or business.
HR Services
BenefitMall HR Services are some of the industry's leading intuitive Human Resource Information System (HRIS).
Compliance Tools
Our value-added services for support of PPACA compliance.
Back-Office Processing

Handle your client's payroll in-house without the added work.

If you want a higher level of payroll involvement and prefer to manage client payroll in house, you can use BenefitMall as a back-office processor via online payroll or PC software options.

  • Online payroll reports
  • Nationwide federal, state and local payroll tax filing, compliance
  • Payment links to a wide variety of accounting packages

We can help design the best services package for your firm. By referring your clients to BenefitMall, you re-establish new ways of putting profit and business back into swing. 

Join our group of CPA/Accounting partnerships and see for yourself how BenefitMall can help grow your business, and help your clients. 


Compliance Tools

Stay on track with BenefitMall's ACA compliance tool, allCompliance.

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