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Client Ready Quote System®

Client Ready Quote System®

Configure complex quoting and proposal for small group benefits simply with Client Ready Quote System (CRQS) - offers leading technology and robust carrier content. Client Ready Quote System (CRQS) helps cut through complexity. With a comprehensive, quoting engine, the application improves efficiency and streamlines proposals so you can focus on your clients.

  • Intuitive and enhance dashboard for simple navigation
  • Generate quotes faster - so you can accelerate client-ready quotes
  • Manage plan favorites and customize plans
  • Improve multi-carrier plans search, instantly locate plans and premiums

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Client Ready Census™

Make Data actionable and available.

Self-service data preparation solution from BenefitMall Client Ready Census (CRC), the latest enhancement from Client Ready Quote System (CRQS), enables brokers to obtain sound data, scale and process for data-driven decisions.

  • Simplify processes and turn data into meaningful insight
  • Accelerate business efficiency with trusted data by improving data quality
  • Enrich and combine data sets to drive faster more reliable proposals

Learn more here about CRC.

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