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Self-Funded | Stop Loss

BenefitMall is a leader in the alternative-funded marketplace. We stay current on products and legislation – and we have valuable, established relationships with major Carriers in the self-funded market.  As a partner, we are happy to provide the following comprehensive services including:

  • Marketing – Compare stop loss rates and provide a detailed spreadsheet of Carrier products and consultative services.
  • Billing and premium collection – Offer billing and premium collection, reconciliation, and remittance. 
  • Licensing and commissions – Ensure the proper licensing requirements are met and pay commissions within 48 hours of receiving the premium payment.
  • Claims expedition –Collect claims data and track ongoing claims.
  • Compliance services – Answer ERISA, COBRA, HIPAA or other regulations questions. We can also conduct compliance reviews of plan documents and stop loss policies.
  • Ancillary Services – Products for Life, Disability, Dental, and Vision.

Contact the BenefitMall experienced team to find a plan that fits your clients' stop loss needs.

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