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Offering payroll can help you defend your book

Today brokers face a number of challenges which are actively marketing health insurance benefits to their clients and prospects. That’s why it makes perfect sense to partner with BenefitMall to offer your clients benefits plus payroll solutions.

Your BenefitMall Sales Team and our expert payroll professionals can help you stay ahead of your competition and make yourself even more valuable as a Trusted Advisor to your clients.

Retain clients by cross-selling payroll with health care benefits. Research shows that you’ll earn more commissions and inspire loyalty among your clientele. In one example, cross-selling a health benefits book of business over a five-year period yielded a 6% increase in retention and a 23% increase in total book of business.

Realize your clients may be shopping. Chances are they’re still trying to make sense of PPACA and “Pay or Play” – they may also be weighing new options like exchanges and alternative benefit plans.

The employee benefits arena is ever-changing. Today’s marketplace not only allows your clients the ability to buy benefits through multiple sources, and these sources offer benefit bundles with multiple products. To stay competitive, you must partner with trusted resources to present to your clients.

You are the expert; your customers rely on your knowledge and support. They're counting on you to guide them through PPACA. Be there for them - defend your business today by offering payroll services from BenefitMall.

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