Insurance Services

BenefitMall’s insurance services have an array of options available to your clients. To us, your clients are more than a number; we’ll make sure they get the right mix of products that is both a complete, and compliant solution.

Group Insurance Solutions

Large Group

At BenefitMall, we’re big on small groups and understand that larger groups come with a bigger set of challenges, so we have solutions that fit both groups that help brokers provide the very best.

Consumer Products

Consumer Products

With the insurance landscape still evolving, we have combined our Individual and Senior divisions to create one resource for brokers needing multiple products to support their clients.

Self-Funded | Stop Loss Insurance

Stop Loss

Our experienced team can find a plan that fits your clients' stop loss needs and ensures they pay only for the claims employees use

Benefits Administration

Benefits Administration

Keeping current with changing tides in benefits administration is a challenge for any company. Fortunately, we can help you help your clients. With our single-source web-based solution, administrators can manage company benefits.

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